Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I need somebody to help me not to Love me .

hello hey bloggie , and hello peeps . hari ni mood okay even im in a big dilema .
okiy . talking about the dilema . bnyak dilema . especially HOMEWORK .
i didnt finish my grammar homework , my Sejarah homework . im so stress even
maths already done . its good when someone can help me finish this all . so i can sleep .
hehehe :) really busy now , with schooling . huh -,- . i cant rest even a minutes . but
i'll find the time so i cant rest even its only 1 hour . lol :D
okay , talking about the homework . they make me smileee baby ! and my smile very triple huge ! 
i take the risk by taking subject Bahasa Arab , one in my PMR subject selection . i already 

pass the borang . so i cant change it .. im very scared but i will try my best and always in NEVER SAY NEVER . FARINAH IN A BIG DILEMA NOW . im not yakin with myself . but i will . :)

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