Monday, November 7, 2011

Am I late?

Hello there sweethearts:) Its been awhile I've posting in my lil' bloggie. So
how's you all day going? If your day is quite hard, try this quote 'hadapi
dengan snyuman, its all would be fine'. Oh, this week is my last week in
school, so what does its mean? Cuti is around the corner lah :-B

By the way, my thought said rasanya belum trlambat utk sya ucap
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. Even this year rasanya raya xlah meriah
sngat but we should be grateful sbab masih boleh mnyambutnya. Am my
words is true? heeee :3

So, tadi blogwalkingcrawling, sya smpat tgok people's navigation and they
said about Tempahan Blog and kinda that lah. I was thinking sya pun
mahu buat mcm tu jugak, nothing's wrong kan? But, we'll see sbab sya
pun bukan teror sgat bah. Baru last year bah ni start blog mlog, sya
umpama smut kecil klau dibanding dgan dorg yg sudah brdekad-2
brtahun-2 brblogging. Chiehehe :P

Thats all for now. I cant take a long journey here. My mom will get mad
at me ;) Buh Byess!

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