Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saya dilanda Sawan.

Assalam and hello le fellas. Sawan? I really hit by it. 

Someone keep humiliating me until I changed my profile picture. Xpercaya saya 
ganti? G view profile saya. Ada gambar troll senyum besar tuh. I just can't take
 it when the person did not stop post something that ashaming me and insulting 
me. Who do you think you are? A boss? A king who need to treated nicely? 
Stop your daydream. Your behaviour suck ass.

With hearts and soul,

2 sweetpie ♥:

MuniBulan said...

sabar yeee.
cuba deactivated fb kjap.

thefarinah♥ said...

@MuniBulan hew hew, everythings already settled. thanks :)

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