Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hari ini dan Esok .

Hello Peeps ! What mah date today ? 1 Febbie right ? next month gonna be March -,-
time gone fastly, i miss my past, memory. kalau lah bole patah balik, sure i'll never siasiakan smua tu .
This year umur 15, next 16 next 17 and next next next 20 ?
i cant believe now im not a child anymore. im growing now. 
you all pasty rasa, masa smkin cpat berjalan, mcm baru yesterday kita celebrate new year, fireworks, i miss the moments . it walk to fast . we cant stop it . i hope , this year gonna be better than the other years, this months gonna be better than the other months, and tomorrow gonna be better than yesterday .
we have to appreciate the time, its never back to us . now, i am PMR candidates, im feeling kinda nervous, but, this is for a brighter future (:
i hope what i wish just now, will be reality (:
good night  (:

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