Saturday, December 31, 2011

A last day before 2012.

Assalammualaikum and hello all cuties :')

Why I need to be so nervous for new year? Yeahh nervous for class, new friends, and nervous 
for book :p Btw, last thursday me and my cousin went to Tambunan. Actually we wish to go to 
Poring, Ranau but since this month is rainy season, so we canceled the plan and went to 
Tambunan. Haha, you must be confused and made a word 'apa yang ada di Tambunan juga?'
Well, we have a lot of good time there. Here are some picture that we have took.

This picture was taken at Tambunan village resort centre. Im the one who wear red 
shirt, brown shawl and orange sling bag. Yeah Im fat baby :) Do I care? Hahahaha! 

This one was taken at Mahua waterfall. Since I got so 'rimas' memakai selendang, so saya 
ganti pakai tudung ekspress. There's a lot more picture, tapi saya malaaaas sangat mau upload.
Air terjun dia pun sejukkk ja. Baru rendam kaki suda kesejukkan, apa lagi kalau mandi --' 
Hihi, tomorrow Im a 16 years old teenage girl. Tonight, we have our BBQ party for celebrating 
the neww years. Hihi kbaii! :p

Sorry to all Semenanjung readers if you all get confusing where's the hell of
Tambunan. Tambunan is one of the towns in Sabah.

With heart and soul, 

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