Thursday, February 9, 2012

A crazy little thing called love.


Hello guys. Sorry, this is a short entry. Have you all watch a Thai film 'A crazy little thing called
love'? Guys!! You need to watch it. Its best film ever I have seen. Now, Im in love with Shone 
(Mario Maurer)!! Please dont take him from me, but you can take Top (I dont know his real 
name). Mario Maurer!! I LOVE YOU <3 

With heart and soul, 

7 sweetpie ♥:

iera said...

this movie absolutely the best thai's movie that i watch ever. u can read mine here

Diyana-Wr said...

wahh, mcm best je. kena try tengok nih ^^

thefarinah♥ said...

@iera yah, i wish im in Nam position. lol >,<

thefarinah♥ said...

@Diyana-Wr WAJIB tgok! haha ><

Ieyra Ghani said...

dah tengok! hehe . xpuas tengok wajah NAM masa dye jadi major tu XD ,, cantik gilerr .. p'chon pulak xensem mase ending -.- kan kan ? pucat jer . tapi cite ni memang terbaekk lahh!

thefarinah♥ said...

@Ieyra Ghani yeah!!

♥ suE said...

Hiii dik,tis is my feveret muvie jugekkkk...xtau laa dh nengok bape kali...kelakar cikgu, touching ending die kan...huuuu~ suda follow...follow me back yee~ ;)

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