Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ask myself.

Assalammualaikum WBT. Hello earthlings. Its been awhile since my last post. This year is my SPM year. So I am kinda busy studying, tuition and so on. But I promise I will update my blog when my big exam in this end of year end.

Tomorrow? Spm candidates in year 2012 will receive their result. But I dont know why I am the one who feel the heat of nervous. Cehh heat of nervous hahaha pardon me because of my grammatical error. So I ask myself, am I ready to face the Spm? Am I ready to receive the result next year?

I have to work hard. I MUST. My mom put a big expectation on me. She spend her money every month just to pay my tuitions fee. She never sighing. Hmmmm i feel the pressure even it is still in March. A few months left. I just want this crap to be end fastly. As soon as possible.

Thats all for now, bye. Xo

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